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All Windows XP Updates and Hotfixes Bundled Together

The Office XP Service Pack 3 is a suite comprising all the latest security updates, features and hotfixes for your Windows XP device.

Helps You Catch Up

If you are not up-to-date with your Windows XP system, the Office XP Service Pack would help you catch up on specific updates, security features and fixes you could have overlooked in the past or didn’t have time to download. By the way, the pack is not meant to dramatically alter how you interact with the OS. SP3 comprises distinct security enhancements, along with improved performance and stability. This service pack could be applied to almost any Office XP level. It entails all the updates that were part of Service Pack 1 and 2 and also any individual updates released post SP2 and before SP3. To make sure your computer truly needs the update, look up the Office Update website for details.

Faster Performance

As aforementioned, Office Service Pack 3 doesn’t bring any visual changes. It also does not imports features from other Windows operating systems. But, on the positive front, there are lot of improvements that aren’t directly visible to the eye, but can be deciphered once you use Windows XP with the service pack implemented. Office XP Service Pack is significantly faster compared to both XP SP1 and XP SP2. Windows XP has traditionally been the Windows OS for businesses, thanks to its performance and reliability. With all the latest updates and features implemented, organisations using Windows XP are even less likely to shift to other computer operating systems.

Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office XP. SP3 contains significant security enhancements, in addition to stability and performance improvements.

This service pack applies to any level of Office XP. It contains all updates included in Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Office XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), and updates released after SP2.


  • Makes it extremely easy to update your XP system
  • Multiple new fixes


  • Doesn’t improve or change the visual interface
  • Installation without CD ROM could be cumbersome

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Office XP Service Pack


Office XP Service Pack 3-sp-3 for PC

User reviews about Office XP Service Pack

  • Andrea Leonardo

    by Andrea Leonardo

    A must have service pack especially for people who often miss vital updates for their windows XP operating system. When you have this sMore

  • Krishna Javier

    by Krishna Javier

    To be honest, Office XP Service Pack is even better than both XP SP1 and XP SP2. This software offers a more accurate and up-to-date upMore

  • Ahmet Mustafa

    by Ahmet Mustafa

    I'm really glad that this kind of updating software exist in the world. Now, I won't have to worry about what important updates I misseMore

  • Aryan Vihaan

    by Aryan Vihaan

    Wow! I just tried downloading this software last week because I often miss specific updates for my PC and today, I must say that this sMore

  • Fynn Oliver

    by Fynn Oliver

    Office XP Service Pack is a must download software for every Windows XP users! This software gives an up-to-date, efficient and accuratMore

  • Jack Hardee

    by Jack Hardee

    Wrong update, this update is for office 2000.
    File that came down was for office 2000, not Office XP service pack

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